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MAZDA DEMIO SPORT 1500cc Hatchback

KM: 55788, First registered date:2008-06-19, Fuel Type:Petrol,Transmission:Manual, Colour:White,Number of doors:5

Lot No.


Total visits: 335

TOYOTA AURIS 1600cc Hatchback

KM: N/A, First registered date:2008-06-30, Fuel Type:Petrol,Transmission:Manual, Colour:Blue,Number of doors:5

Lot No.


Total visits: 293

AUDI A3 S-LINE SPORT (QUATTRO) 1600cc Hatchback

KM: 110000, First registered date:2008-11-10, Fuel Type:Petrol,Transmission:Triptronic, Colour:Black,Number of doors:3

Lot No.


Total visits: 366

AUDI Q3 S-LINE 2000cccc SUV

KM: 56000, First registered date:2013-06-30, Fuel Type:Diesel,Transmission:Automatic, Colour:Grey,Number of doors:5

Lot No.


Total visits: 693

SUZUKI SWIFT 1200cc Hatchback

KM: 73000, First registered date:2014-07-30, Fuel Type:Petrol,Transmission:Automatic, Colour:Light Blue,Number of doors:5

Lot No.


Total visits: 620

TOYOTA PRIUS 1800cc Hatchback

KM: 74700, First registered date:2011-04-30, Fuel Type:Hybrid,Transmission:Automatic, Colour:Silver,Number of doors:5

Lot No.


Total visits: 1154

Results 21-26 of 26
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